A Density Experiment You Can Drink!

Density is a fascinating and sometimes tricky idea to understand. This Drink of Density will help bring home the idea of density in liquids, not to mention it looks cool when your all done, it’s tasty, and it’s even good for you – what more could you ask for in a science activity!

You will need:

  • Juices that have different density levels. (see below for a simple explanation of density) The density of a juice is often determined by how much sugar or fruit is in it – the more sugar or fruit, the more dense the juice is. Powdered and canned juices do not work well for this experiment since they are almost entirely water. You will have to do some experimentation to find juices that are colorful and give a nice display of density, and that’s half the fun.
  • A narrow glass (the more narrow it is, the easier it is to separate the density levels)
  • Eye dropper or turkey type baster.

What to do:

  1. Before you begin, you can guess which juices you think will be more dense and form a hypothesis of how the levels of your Drink of Density will turn out. Check the number of ingredients, the sugar content, and the water content to help you out.
  2. In order to display your density levels, you will need to find out which of your juices are the most and least dense. Pour one of your juices into the narrow glass to fill it about 1 inch (2.5 cm) high. Fill a dropper with another juice and slowly drop it onto the inside of the glass so that it runs down the side of the glass. Watch the juice to see if it goes below or above the juice in there. (if it simply mixes with the juice and does not go above or below, it has the same density as the juice and you will need to move on to your next juice.
  3. Continue experimenting with other juices to determine which juices go to the bottom (more dense) and which ones go to the top (least dense.)
  4. Once you have the densities determined, start over with a clean glass and use the dropper for each level to create your final Drink of Density!

Note: In case you were wondering, the juices in the photo are (top) Tropicana Pomegranate-Blueberry, (middle) Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice, (bottom) Nature’s Promise White Grape (33 grams of sugar in 6.75 ounces!)

How Does It Work?:

The density of liquids demonstrates the the amount of “stuff” (atoms, mass) that are present in a particular volume of the juice. In other words, if you have cup with 200ml of plain water, and a cup with 200 ml of water that has lots of sugar dissolved in it, the cup of sugar water will be heavier even though they are the same volume of liquid – the invisible sugar molecules are dispersed in the water, making it heavier (more dense.)


19 Responses to “A Density Experiment You Can Drink!”
  1. dragonfly says:

    You are an amazing teacher!!! I wish there were more teachers like you in the world to make it fun to be in school. Thank you for the detailed explanation so that even a stay at home mom (who hasn’t been to school in a while) can understand and explain to my special needs 6 year old about the experiment so that he can understand it. I appreciate your knowledge being passed on to the world to help me make it fun for my children to learn. i can’t thank you enough! Keep up your amazing work!!!!!

  2. bellaboo says:

    WOW! That is awsome will be doing this experiment/drink for a halloween party!
    Thanks bob!

  3. FishySayMeow says:

    I think that this experiment will be a fun experiment to enter in the science fair. I just hope that my teacher would apporve of this experiment.

  4. eislynn1 says:

    great idea i might use it

  5. harry@hotmail.com says:

    it is good and even easy

  6. bettyboo says:

    im doing this for my science fair experiment which is do tomorrow wish me luck!

  7. Milod says:

    THNX !!!
    Bob I finally got my science fair project

  8. POPLISBET7 says:


  9. secret girl25 says:

    Very Cool!

  10. DD girl says:

    WOW this might help me on my science fair THNX BOOOOOOOB. : ) ♥

  11. hellobyebye says:

    I think science bob is the smartest and coolest scientist on the planet!! thanks bob

  12. dj girl24 says:

    thanx now i know wat to do for my science fair : D

  13. H2O says:

    you realy helped me even with your experiment’s.Ieven came out 3rd in our science fair.I all science were clever and fun i’d be the happiest person in the universe.shaaaaaaaaaaaaarp to the person who made this site you realy realy realy helped.THNX

  14. slowezz says:

    thanks a lot to science bob..it helps me a lot to find awesome and exciting experiment for my school project!!!!

  15. folabright says:

    You are too endowed with knowledge. This is a good explanation. Well done.

  16. kinght5 says:

    I already put my topic ona my paper and gave it to my teacher! NOW I WANT TO DO THIS EXPERIMENT!
    I wish i seen this before i do write down my enperiment. BOB IS THE BEST IM GONNA SHOW MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GIVE IT A 100 OUT OF A 100!!!!

  17. # Manchester Middle says:

    This Is Cool ! && Awesome I Love The Way That This Drinnk Tastes It Wonderful !

  18. CSisawesome says:

    wow! bob you helped me soooo much with my science fair project. thx for that.
    and it tasted great too!!!


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